The world’s most expensive funeral home, the only one of its kind

The world has its share of museums, too.

But the most expensive and most expensive funerals have rarely been in the spotlight.

“The funeral home is a place where people go to find comfort and safety, a place of peace and serenity,” said Michael DeMarco, author of “The Mortician’s Guide to the Death of a Modern American.”

DeMarco said the funeral home offers an ideal setting for those looking to pay homage to their loved ones.

A funeral home does more than hold the coffin and place the body on a casket, but it also provides the space for family and friends to pay respects, DeMarco said.

This is the place where the person who died was buried and laid to rest.

That’s where people say goodbye, he said.

“It’s the only place you can go to and pay your respects to your loved one.

The most expensive home in the world is probably the one in Mexico City.

It has a very large gazebo and you can see it from a distance.”

The home that opened in May 2010 is the largest in the United States and is owned by the estate of a wealthy Mexican man named Roberto Mendez.

It was built for the wealthy, with a total price tag of more than $400 million.

It’s also the only funeral home in Mexico that does not require a caskets to be carried.

It’s been known as the “home of the rich” since it opened in 2010.

The mansion features a pool, a private spa, and a private chapel that’s equipped with a chandelier and a video projection.

The home also has a dining room, theater, and theater-style seating.

The interior has been renovated, and the walls are lined with portraits of wealthy Mexican people.

When you walk into the home, you can look at a large picture of the deceased and see their last meal.

You can also see a private viewing room that is equipped with multiple TVs and a custom-built surround sound system.

The dining room has been decorated to include the names of the family members who were present, and there’s a small guest room in the center of the home.

It also has an extensive library, a movie theater, a video arcade, and an outdoor garden that can be used for picnic and fishing.

The kitchen, which is equipped to serve up breakfast, is also equipped with refrigerators and a food preparation area.

Each family member can choose a different meal, which they can cook on the living room’s barbecue pit.

The pool, which features a sauna and sauna shower, is equipped for a personal spa, a saunas, a hot tub, a heated pool, and even a sapphire sauna.

The main dining room also features a spa, massage chairs, and more.

You can choose from a range of dishes including a steak, chicken, shrimp, pork, lamb, and fish.

The family room is equipped so that you can sit at the bar and watch movies, or you can even take in a play or film, DeLucas said.

The bar is stocked with alcohol, so you can drink up while you watch movies or other content.

One of the best parts about the home is that there are also some private rooms in the house for couples.

Each room can be set up for couples to have a private moment together, and each room is set with a private mirror, a large television, and many other features that help you get to know your loved ones better, DeLuca said.

This is also true for the family’s bedroom, where you can have a personal bath, private kitchen, and also a personal closet.

Many of the families in the home also make arrangements for their children to visit.

For example, one family will have their children stay at the home for a week and have a play date with the children.

Another family will bring their grandchildren to the home to see their grandmother and grandchildren.

Other families will have a group of children in a separate room.

Once the children are old enough, the children will get to visit their grandparents in their own private room, and they will get an adult’s time.

These days, the home serves more than 2,000 funerals a year, and some of the most popular are for people with mental illnesses.

At the time of the death of Pablo Iglesias, he was the second-richest man in Mexico.

He owned a jewelry company that made jewelry and other objects, according to his obituary in the Mexico City daily Obras Unidas.

His wife was a former beauty queen and model.

She was also a beauty queen, and she also appeared in a television commercial in 2012.

Her death was caused by complications from cancer, according the local newspaper.

Iglesia, who was 86 years old, had an estimated net worth of about $400,000.