‘Boys & Girls’ creator to create book for dads and girls with ‘feminine’ themes


— The author of “Boys” and “Girls” will write a book on the relationship between fathers and their daughters.

“Bros,” published in March by Simon & Schuster, will include chapters on father-daughter bonding, mother-daughter dating and how women have made progress in the fight for equal rights, the publisher announced Wednesday.

“It is a book that celebrates a generation’s achievements, from the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, to the fight to end domestic violence, to gender equality in education and beyond,” the publisher said in a statement.

“These books have changed our lives, and they have changed how we think about what it means to be a parent.”

Simon & Shuster will publish the book in June.

It will include the following chapters: “The Power of Mothers” and other chapters on the impact of fathers on the children they raise.

“A Mother’s Heart: How a Dad’s Journey to Fatherhood Helped Change My Life” and others.

“Daughters of Fathers: A Father’s Journey and the Transformation of Women in the Workplace” and some other chapters.

“Growing Up with the Daughters of a Father” and the essays “The Mother’s Day Gift” and similar ones.

“Parenthood: A Woman’s Journey,” “What the Mother Really Means,” and “The Difference Between Father and Daughter.”

The book will also include the essays of author and columnist Anne Marie Slaughter and writer and broadcaster Marissa Mayer.

“Our goal with Boys & Girls is to bring these essays to life,” Simon & Skalls publisher Jeff Simon said in the statement.

Slaughter and Mayer wrote the book for Simon & Stoughton, a division of Penguin Random House, in partnership with author Sarah Dessen, and the duo will co-author it.

“We are so excited about our partnership with the authors and the incredible team behind the book,” Simon said.

“The work that Anne Marie and Sarah have done on Boys & Sisters has been brilliant and has been a huge help for the team.”

The pair has previously collaborated on books with former President Barack Obama, including “Dreams From My Father,” a memoir about his time as president, and “A Life on the Line,” which focuses on the aftermath of the 2011 Haiti earthquake.

In a recent interview, Slaughter called the work on Boys&Girls “really moving” and noted that her father, who is a doctor, and her mother, who works as a therapist, have been supportive.

The book, Slaughter told ABC News, is about “the power of the father-daughters relationship and how it can change the lives of the people who raise them.”

The author’s son, Ben, said in an interview that “Bras” will be “a wonderful book for both genders” and that the book will explore how “our families can better understand and appreciate the complexities of the relationship.”

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