‘We’re the first Australians to receive the new ABC radio app’: Meet the new gift tree app for $15.3 million

The new gift shop for the new digital ABC Radio app has been announced by ABC radio’s chief executive Chris Stephens and the ABC’s digital director, Mark Gwynne.

Mr Stephens said the new app, which was developed by a team of Australian developers, would allow Australians to easily make gifts for friends and family.

“Australia is one of the most creative, creative countries in the world, so the ABC is really excited to be able to expand our reach to Australians who are keen to have a bit of fun and celebrate with us,” he said.

“The ABC’s gift shop is an opportunity to celebrate with our fans and Australians of all ages and cultures, and to give Australians a chance to experience something new.”

The ABC’s new gift store has been developed by the team behind the digital ABC radio apps, and is set to be available on Android devices starting on November 9.

Users will be able tap the “Get Started” button on the top right corner to receive a gift card, or tap on a gift in the store to purchase it.

“This is an exciting new app that brings the gift-giving experience to the new mobile platform, allowing Australians to make and collect gifts in one place, with just one tap,” Mr Stephens told the ABC.

“Our new gift-taking experience will also be available to all Australians, regardless of what device they are using.”

Gift cards will be accepted from November 9, with the full amount of the purchase being refunded within 30 days.

ABC digital director Mark Glynne said the app was developed to be “fantastic” for people wanting to give to family and friends, and the new Apple TV app was designed to be similar.

“It’s about creating the experience of going into the gift shop with a loved one and giving them something meaningful to hold on to, and it’s also about sharing the joy of the gift with a friend,” he told ABC Radio.

“So the app really is the perfect platform for that.”

ABC digital editor Alex Jones said the team had developed a “tough new app” for the Apple TV, which had been designed with “a modern user in mind”.

“This app is going to be great for anyone who is really looking for a gift to hold onto,” he added.

The ABC has also unveiled a new digital video app called the ABC News app, to be released on September 1.

The app will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and will be compatible with the new iPad Pro, which has a higher resolution screen and a larger memory card slot.

The new app will allow users to search for news, current events and weather and report any problems.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our apps, so it’s exciting to be working with ABC Digital to bring the ABC news app to iOS, and Apple TV to Android,” Mr Glynna said.

The Apple TV will also get the app.

“As Apple’s first and only product with a built-in app, the Apple News app will also allow people to quickly find news, features, and more on their TV,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Gwynna said the ABC Digital team would work with the ABC to “make sure that the apps are the best they can be”.

ABC digital reporter David Whitehead said the Apple news app would be a “great way to see all the news that is being delivered, and get access to all the best content, news, and views on the ABC”.

“If you’re looking for news on social media, this is where you can find it,” he explained.

“And it’s a great place to share news with your friends, your family and colleagues.”

Mr Whitehead added that the ABC was working with Apple to ensure that people could find the best ABC news on mobile devices.

“For people who want to read the latest ABC news, there will be plenty of options available on the Apple App Store to help you get the most out of the news you read,” he concluded.


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