How do you keep your staff happy? We’ve got you covered

How do nurses keep their staff happy and how do they do it?

That is the question we are looking at today with a new survey on the state of nurses’ morale at work and its effect on the work environment.

The results of the survey, carried out by HRG Research and conducted by a company called HSE HR, shows that the state is at a crossroads with the nurses who work in hospitals, and it is the nurses themselves who will have to decide how to move forward and make sure that they stay happy and productive.

“It is important that nurses feel valued and appreciated.

It is important to keep them motivated and motivated to continue to be good at their jobs and make the right choices in their career, the study said.

The survey also asked nurses to assess how their organisation is working to keep nurses happy.

The answers to these questions showed that the nurses’ unions, nursing boards, the Department of Health and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Nursing (RANZC) all said that they are doing everything they can to keep the nurses happy, and many of them have even taken steps to improve the morale of their nurses.

However, it seems that nurses themselves are not as happy as they could be, with more than half of them expressing a sense of frustration at the state their organisation works in.”

We have not had the support from the union for long enough and the board is struggling to keep up with the demand, which is not good for the nurses,” one respondent said.

Another respondent told HRG that he feels that the board “has not been doing enough to get the right people in the right places”.”

The nurses don’t trust us and they don’t want to do our job,” another respondent said, and another said that he would rather not work in the hospital, and would rather “get on a plane”.

Another respondent expressed a feeling of disappointment that “most nurses don´t feel good about their job”.”

We get paid well but it´s not enough to make ends meet, and there is little support for the hospital nurses,” another said.”

Our employers have not kept up with demand and we don´ t feel good and have a bad time at work,” another responded.

Another nurse told HRV that “I can´t imagine being a nurse for many years”.”

I want to work at a good hospital and to be able to support my family,” another replied.HRG said that many of the nurses in the survey also felt that the nursing profession was “being politicised” and that nurses should be more involved in policymaking, as well as getting involved in the organisation of their own health service.HRV also asked the respondents how much they think nurses’ jobs were worth, and how much the pay they were making was “worth”.

A total of 45% of the respondents said that their jobs were not worth what they were earning, and 40% said that the average salary they were paid was “less than the cost of living”.

The survey, which was carried out from March to September 2017, asked nurses whether they felt that their pay was “just enough to support a family and a job”.

The answers showed that a majority of the employees agreed that “the nurse is not earning enough to provide the basic necessities for a family, and is paying too much for things such as food, transport and medical care”.

In terms of how they felt about their careers, the survey showed that almost half of the staff felt that they were “not very good” at their work, with another 22% feeling that they “would not get the job they want”.

Hospital staff, meanwhile, said that most of them feel that they have been “mismanaged” and “not treated fairly”, with another 26% saying that “they have not received the same care as their colleagues”.HRG Research also found that more than 50% of nurses felt that “their pay has been unfairly set low by the board”, with a further 30% feeling “the board is misusing resources”.

However, nurses who are on pay agreements with their union have also raised concerns about the state hospitals they work in.HRT said that while the results of its survey “do not represent the majority view of nurses” in hospitals in general, it “does highlight the fact that nurses are concerned about their future working conditions and their health”.”

This is also true of the Royal New Zealand Hospital and the Department for Health in particular,” it said.HRI said that it would be “inappropriate” for the Royal and Royal Australian College of Nurses to comment on the results, but it added that the survey “has revealed that many staff feel they have not been treated fairly in the workforce”.

The report found that nurses working in the hospitals were also “increasingly questioning the value of their jobs”, with more and more of them saying that they felt “disrespected, disrespected by management and/or treated like