Canadian grocer launches $10,000 gift card for seniors

A Canadian grocer is giving its customers a new way to get to the grocery store with a $10-a-month gift card.

The move comes after the company partnered with Starbucks to offer an introductory $10 gift card, which customers can redeem for a range of groceries and services.

The store also has its own grocery delivery service and has added a $5 loyalty card.

With a focus on organic produce, dairy and other local products, Cargill says the card is designed to make the process of getting groceries easier for seniors.

It comes with a 30-day free trial and a 10-day paid subscription to Cargills PrimeFresh, a subscription that offers a full range of local products and services at the checkout.

“We know that seniors and people with disabilities, who are very particular about the quality of what they’re buying and what they buy, really want to get a fresh, local, local product and they really need to be able to get that with a credit card,” said Paul Gattis, senior vice-president of product development at Cargillas PrimeFresh.

“That’s what our cards are for.”

Cargilled PrimeFresh launched last year in Canada and is available to Canadian seniors and adults at CannaCares, the Canadian affiliate of Starbucks.

The company offers two rewards programs: the PrimeFresh card and the CargiCard.

“PrimeFresh card is the first time that we’ve ever introduced an alternative to a credit and debit card,” Gattes said.

“You can spend it on all of your Cargis and all of the Caggis, and that’s a great benefit.”

In Canada, CannaCoast’s $10 credit card offers the ability to purchase groceries at participating grocery stores, including Cargnills, Caggi and Safeway.

Cargilla said the card will also be available at some specialty grocery stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as on the CannaFresh website and at Caggnills and Safeways in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

“It’s the first Canadian card that is geared towards seniors and their needs,” Garthes said.

The card also has a $50 sign-up bonus.

The first 50,000 customers will receive an additional $50 per month, and customers who have used the card in the last 12 months will receive a $100 bonus.

Customers who sign up for the card within 30 days will get a $150 bonus, and for those who have already used the Card, it will be $200.

“The first couple of years of card use, we didn’t expect that many people would use the card.

That’s why we’re excited about the sign-ups,” Gaffi said.

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