When a company founder is the boss’s biggest fan

The biggest fan of any CEO in the business is likely to be his or her boss, according to research conducted by McKinsey & Company.

The firm’s chief executive officer, Peter Lynch, is an outspoken supporter of Mr Trump and has been a vocal critic of his policies and his own party, the Republican Party.

Mr Lynch is also one of the most generous donors in the company’s history, giving the firm nearly $250m (£192m) over the past decade, according the research.

The data also shows that Mr Lynch enjoys the support of his fellow executives.

The top donor to the firm in Mr Lynch’s career is the president of the firm’s UK unit, Andrew Marshall, who gave the firm $3.7m (£2.2m) in 2017.

The other biggest donor is Chief Executive Officer Michael Hewson, who gives the firm over $1.7bn.

“Mr Lynch has been known to show up for meetings, but has always been a very private person,” said Mr Hewson in a statement.

Mr Hewsons generosity is reflected in the fact that the firm has a large percentage of its employees in the private sector, compared with many other large companies.

The company’s chief financial officer, Michael Toden, who is also chairman of the board, has donated more than $1m to the US presidential campaign of Mr Sanders, according data compiled by the firm.

The CEO of the largest company in the US is also Mr Lynch, with a net worth of $5.2bn.

His wife, Anne-Marie, donated $1bn (£890m) to his presidential campaign in 2016.

A spokesperson for Mr Lynch told the BBC that the “president is a true champion of the American people and a leader who has always made it clear that he will never back down from doing what’s right.”

The data does not include donations to political parties, but the firm is known for its strong support of Mr Lynch.

The chief executive is also an avid supporter of the Republican party.

“The US is a divided nation, and Mr Lynch believes that a president with the support and support of the president and the party, as well as the Congress, is the best way to move the country forward,” the spokesperson said.

“He has always had a strong personal connection to President Trump, and he has supported him politically.”

In addition to Mr Lynch and Mr Hewesons donations, Mr Lynch also has received the largest number of gifts from investors in the firm – $8.6m (£5.5m).

The largest donation by any CEO, by far, was made to a firm owned by a hedge fund manager, John Paulson.

The billionaire fund manager donated $2.8m (£1.9m) last year.

The average CEO’s day gift is also a highly valued commodity, and the research found that companies with the highest shares of executives’ stock are the ones with the largest CEO’s Day Gifts.