How to Choose Your Favorite Holiday Gift

How to select your favorite holiday gift. 

The gift season is upon us, and this year, we have plenty of gift options to choose from. 

Some of the more recent trends include the introduction of wine gift baskets and the arrival of a few new categories. 

But one of the most popular items is vanilla gift balances, a term we’ve used to describe a set of individual, hand-picked, handmade, or handmade-looking vanilla gift baskets that are the perfect complement to a gift-buying spree. 

It’s easy to buy them online, but it’s much more fun to make your own. 

Here are some of the top gifts for vanilla gift bays this year. 

For a list of the best vanilla gift-giving ideas, check out our Vanilla Gift Basket List. 

To make your gift basket, pick up a few packages from your local craft store, such as those with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream. 

You’ll need a couple of items to make a vanilla gift basket: a jar of vanilla ice cream (or vanilla ice creams, if you prefer), and a jar of cookie dough. 

Fill each jar with ice cream and set aside. 

Spread some cookie dough on the jar. 

Using your fingers, press down on the dough to seal it. 

Then, slide the jar over your hand to press the cookie dough into the jar, sealing it.

Use the tip of your fork to push the cookie crust into the cookie jar.

Make sure you’re pressing down on all the dough in the jar at once, and don’t just lift the cookie into the water. 

Put a lid on the lid and fill the jar with water, then leave the lid on for a few minutes. 

After the lid is on, open the jar and slide the cookie cookie crust out. 

Place the jar back in the water and press down to seal the lid. 

If you’re using a cookie dough, carefully lift it out of the water, and use your thumb to push it into the ice cream or cookie dough jar.

Remove the lid, fill the cookie cookies, and seal them tightly.

Put the jar in the freezer for at least three hours. 

When the ice melts and the cookie is cool enough to handle, you can either fill the ice-cream or cookie cookie dough with the remaining cookie dough or mix it with the vanilla ice-frosting in a small bowl. 

Take the jar out of freezer and let the ice melt again. 

Remove the cookie jars and ice cream, fill them with the ice and cookie dough mix, and store them in the refrigerator until ready to use. 

Have fun with your favorite gift baskets. 

We love seeing the best gifts from around the country and the world, and these are some the most fun gifts we’ve ever had. 

Happy holidays and have a great holiday season! 

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