‘Dying for charity’: What you can expect at The New York Times gift shop

New York Magazine writer and running enthusiast David Hockenberry recently spent two days at the NYT gift shop to pick up gifts for the running community.

Here are some of the highlights.


An All-Star Running Bundle of New York City Running Accessories and Running Sticks 2.

A New York Marathon Running Bag and Sticks 3.

Running Shoes of the Year and a New York Running Starter Kit 4.

A Running Gift Guide and a Running Gear Box 5.

New York’s Newest Running Accessories: Stretching Stretches, Running Stretchers, Running Accessories, Running Shoes, Running Gloves, Running Running Wristbands 6.

New Running Bags of the Week 7.

New New York NY Times Style: The New Yorker 8.

A Gift Guide for Running on the Streets 9.

A Run-Along with New York: The Longest Marathon 10.

Running Accessories for New York 10K and Half Marathon 11.

A gift guide for the NY Times Best Seller List 12.

Running Gear and Running Accessories of the Month 13.

A NEW York Times Style Guide 14.

Running and Walking Guide for New Yorkers 15.

Running Guide for the Longest City Marathon 16.

Running Guides for the New York Giants 17.

New NY Times Stretcher and Stretchen Guide for NY Giants 18.

New NYC Marathon Bags for Running 20.

Running Supplies for Running 21.

A NYC Marathon Running Bundle for Running 22.

Running Books for Running 23.

Running Tools for Running 24.

New Books on Running for Kids 25.

Running Training for Running 26.

Running Book for Running 27.

New Ways to Run in New York 28.

Running Tips for Running 29.

Running T-Shirts for Running 30.

Running Hats for Running 31.

New T-shirts for running 32.

New Run for Kids Bags 33.

New Shorts for Running 34.

New Shoes for Running 35.

New Bags and Shoes for New Running 36.

Running Stretsches and Strap Packs for Running 37.

Running Wearing for Running 38.

Running Shorts and T-shirt Packs 39.

Running Beads for Running 40.

New Socks for Running 41.

New Hats for the Running World Series 42.

Running Pants for Running 43.

New Clothing for Running 44.

Running Lifestyle for Running 45.

Running Coaches and Personal Trainers for Running 46.

New Runner’s Handbook for Running 47.

New Lifestyle Book for the Runner’s World Series 48.

Running & Fitness Books for the Runners World Series 49.

New Style Guide for Runners 50.

Running Advice for Running 51.

Running Workouts for the Marathon Runner Series 52.

Running Outfits for Running 53.

New Training Books for New Runners 54.

New Guide for a Running Coaching Career 55.

New Stuff for Running 55 Books to Add to Your Runnable Book Collection 56.

New Fashion Trends for Running 57.

New Tools for the Stretched and Stretched Out Runner Series 58.

New Accessories for Running for Running 59.

New Projects for Running in NYC 60.

New Equipment for Running 61.

New Gear for Running 62.

New Products for Running 63.

New Supplies and Accessories for running in New Jersey 64.

New and Useful Running Accessories in New Zealand 65.

New Outfits to Add for Running 67.

New Wristbands for Running 68.

New Stretch Stretchets for Running 69.

New Long Running Trousers for Run Running 70.

Running Boots for Running 71.

New Body and Hair Accessories for Runing 72.

New Coaches & Personal Trainings for Running 73.

New & Useful Running Books and Running Projects 74.

New Sports Gear for running 75.

New Wearables for Running 76.

New Pads for Running 77.

New Kids & Family Coaches for Running 78.

New Tips for Using Your Running Gear 79.

New Fitness Accessories for Kids 80.

New Toys for Running 81.

New Exercise Gear for Kids 82.

New Health & Wellness Supplements for Running 83.

New Things for Running 84.

New Activities for Running 85.

New Fun & Games for Running 86.

New Games for Kids 87.

New Sporting Goods for Running 88.

New Jewelry for Running 89.

New Shopping & Gifts for Running 90.

New Home & Garden Supplements & Accessories for runners 91.

New Music for Running 92.

New Movies for Running 93.

New Food for Running 94.

New Gift Ideas for Running 95.

New Racing Gear for Running 96.

New Personal Training & Running Gear 97.

New Specials for New Runner Series 98.

New Gifts for the Family 99.

New Reading Books for runners 100.

New Apparel for Running 101.

New Furniture for Running 102.

New Knitwear for Running 103.

New Crafts for running 104.

New Hair Accessories 105.

New Skincare for Running 106.

New Travel and Traveling Accessories 107.

New Beachwear for running 108.

New Cosmetics for Running 109.

New Cookware for Running 110.

New Bath and Body Products for running 111