Christmas Gift Baskets to go on sale December 1

Amazon gift cards are going on sale today, with the first one being a $10,000 Amazon Gift Card, the company announced today.

The gift card, which is valid for up to two years, is good for $1,000, a discount off the regular price of $1.49.

The Amazon Gift Cards will also be available for purchase in store, at participating grocery stores, at Best Buy and Target.

Amazon has been the first retail store to launch the gift cards and has been selling them at the same price as the regular gift cards for years.

Amazon is currently selling the gift card at its own Amazon Prime Store and is working to add other retailers to the mix.

The Amazon GiftCard is an Amazon-branded card that can be used on, Best Buy, Target and Walmart gift cards.

Amazon’s gift cards can be redeemed at participating retailers including Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart and Walmart stores, but only at the following locations:Amazon Prime Store, Amazon, Amazon Prime and Target stores,, Amazon’s Prime and Amazon store, and Best Buy stores.

Amazon also has a gift card program for gift cardholders that also offers discounts on other Amazon purchases.

The gift card is valid in U.S. and Canadian markets and can be purchased in-store at participating Walmarts, Best Buys, Target stores and stores, including the Prime Store at Walmart.