Wine Gifts for Baby Grown Up


The wine industry is full of baby gifts for the most discerning wine drinkers.

There’s the wine for babies. 

The wine for young adults.

The wine that’ll help you enjoy the outdoors.

There are wine givers, wine gatherers, wine makers, wine drinkers, wine collectors and there are wine lovers.

What you want to know is what’s on the wine market right now? 

Are you getting your first bottle of wine?

Are you planning on buying more?

What are you looking for in the next bottle? 

What kind of wine do you want?

What kind are you getting?

Are there any great wine-givers out there? 

What wine can you share with your friends? 

Can you drink a few glasses of wine in the same evening? 

You may think you know what to do with your bottle of Domaine de la Madeleine or the new wine-basket from Vintner’s, but who knows what you’ll discover next.

The first thing to realize about wine is that there’s no set list.

What’s your wine?

What’s the best wine you’ve ever tasted?

It’s a question that’s hard to answer.

You can choose to be a wine giver, a wine buyer, a winemaker, a gatherer, a collector, a drinker, a lover or a lover of wine. 

But what’s your goal? 

Wine is the next great adventure.

What is your goal in life? 

Who do you think will win in the end? 

There’s a reason why the wine industry has been the most successful in the world.

It’s because it provides the right wine to meet people and make friends.