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2nd Birthday Gift Registry 2018 The 2017 2nd Annual 2nd anniversary of the Palestinian People’s Revolution, on December 31st, was a turning point in Palestinian history.

The first anniversary was marked with celebrations of freedom and democracy in Palestine, including the birth of the first Palestinian Prime Minister and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

For the Palestinian people, the day marked the beginning of the end of the Nakba, the catastrophe that marked the establishment of Israel.

The Palestinian people celebrated this year with their celebration of the 2nd year anniversary of independence and their celebration as one of the most successful days of their life.

With the passage of the International Day of the Girl in Bethlehem on December 29, many Palestinians celebrated their victory and independence.

The year also marked the birth anniversary of Fatah, the Palestinian party in the Palestinian Authority that had been in power for 25 years.

In a bid to end the occupation, the PA announced the creation of a state called “Palestine”.

It was only a matter of time until the Fatah government and its Palestinian leadership began to see the possibility of ending the occupation.

The day marked an important moment in the history of Palestine and the Palestinians, but it was also an important day for Israelis.

For years, Israel and the West Bank had been embroiled in a series of bloody incidents that culminated in the murder of dozens of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, settlers and security forces.

On December 31, Israeli settlers in the West, the Israeli state’s main settlement, started firing on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

On this day, the world witnessed the first peaceful demonstration against the Israeli occupation in years, but also a violent response.

Thousands of Palestinians, including children, gathered in Ramallah, the capital of the West bank, and chanted slogans calling for the end to the occupation and the establishment, in their words, “Palestinian state”.

Palestinians across the world celebrated the 2,500th anniversary of Israel’s creation, as the Israeli government announced the construction of a new Jewish state in the disputed Golan Heights.

Palestinians also took to the streets of Tel Aviv, the city of which they are today, to call for the establishment and the protection of their homeland, and to express their solidarity with their fellow Palestinians.

During the year, Israeli forces, the IDF and the Israeli military, continued their occupation and incitement against the Palestinian cause.

On January 1, Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip celebrated the birthdays of their husbands, by lighting candles and holding their children aloft.

The celebrations were accompanied by a huge military parade in Gaza.

The Palestinians also celebrated the 50th anniversary on December 25, when the first women’s national congress was held.

The celebration of women’s liberation in Palestine was also reflected in other ways, such as the first-ever female-led delegation to the United Nations, which came to the UN for the first time to address the UN General Assembly.

The UN has not had a Palestinian representative since 1995.

On February 11, the UN released a report on the Israeli annexation of the Golan, a strip of land which Israel seized from Syria in 1967.

The report found that Israeli occupation forces, including settlers and soldiers, committed “genocide” and committed war crimes in the illegal annexation of this territory.

Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, the West Jerusalem occupied West bank and the Gaza strip were among those who took part in the protests and demonstrations against the occupation in the United States, as well as in Europe and in Australia.

In Israel, Palestinians were among the many Israeli Arabs who took to their streets to protest the recent UN report on Israeli annexation, calling on the government to end its illegal occupation and expel settlers from the occupied territories.

In 2017, Palestinian refugees from Gaza, who were displaced during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, were forced to flee their homes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to live in camps on the outskirts of Ramallah.

The camp was later closed, but the UN continued to report that Israeli forces continued to abuse Palestinian refugees in the camp.

Palestinian refugees have also been forced to seek shelter in Israeli prisons and other detention facilities, where