How to spend your retirement gifts

By David ShattuckSchitts Creek is one of the most expensive retirement gifts on the market.

The resort is owned by the family of Florida governor Jeb Bush, who recently stepped down after a political career in which he served as a Republican National Committee chairman and an influential fundraiser.

The $200 million gift comes at a time when some Republicans are saying the wealthy should not be able to give to political campaigns.

Bush’s brother, former Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush Jr., recently told The New York Times that wealthy individuals should not give money to political candidates.

Bush Jr. also said in the same interview that he’s never given money to a political candidate and he plans to spend his retirement in a manner that does not involve politics.

The younger Bush has donated millions to campaigns for other politicians, including New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, former New York Gov.

George Pataki, former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The former Florida president’s brother also has a personal connection to Schitts River.

He has donated to the resort since it opened in 1989, the same year Bush was elected to the presidency.

The family of Jeb Bush donated $100 million to the Florida resort in 2016.

Schitt’s Creek, a resort that is a major destination for families visiting from across the country, also received a $60 million gift from a group called the Bush Center for the Performing Arts.

The $100,000 gift was announced in August and was announced just days after Schitt’s Lake opened in 2020.

The resort is part of the Bush Family Foundation, a charitable organization established in the late 1990s by the Bush family.

It operates with $200,000 a year in grants and loans.

The Bush family is a key player in the development of Florida and has made a number of investments in the state.

Bush Family foundation spokeswoman Jennifer Fagan confirmed that Bush has given money and gifts to Schitts Creek.

Fagan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Schitts Lake opened last year, but the resort has been closed since May 2018 because of an outbreak of the coronavirus, which has spread to several resorts in the United States.

The Bush Family foundation is also a major donor to Democratic candidates.

The foundation gave $250,000 to Clinton in 2016 and $200 and $250 to Bernie Sanders in 2016, according to campaign finance filings.

The family of former President George H.W. Bush also gave $10,000 each to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign in 2016 as part of a joint fundraising effort.

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