How to make your wedding gift basket: a gift guide

The idea of a wedding gift collection is a new one for many couples.

In many ways, it is like a new hobby that you can only get started on if you have some experience.

While it’s true that there are many different types of gifts that are perfect for a wedding, we think that it’s best to start with the basics first.

It’s also important to look out for the right type of gift to suit your needs and style.

Here are some of our favourites for your next wedding.


A special surprise gift We all love a little surprise for our wedding.

This could be something a guest or your closest family member might want to see, or it could be an exclusive gift that you’ve never seen before.

Whatever the case, the best thing you can do to give the gift that will make your guests happy is to choose a gift basket that includes something special for the occasion.

A wedding gift that is special can be a simple but elegant gift, like a wedding ring, or a beautifully designed gift that goes beyond the norm, like something with a personal touch.

If you’re not sure what type of gifts are best for your wedding, try browsing our wedding gift guide for ideas.

You can also look for special occasions that your guests might be interested in, like your birthday, your birthday party, a special anniversary, or even a special event like the wedding of a friend or loved one.


A birthday gift It might seem like a small thing, but there are a lot of ways to make a birthday gift special for your guests.

For example, if your wedding is the first anniversary of your child’s birth, consider using a customised birthday cake or an elegant bouquet of flowers.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more personal, try making a custom-designed bouquet or cake for your loved one or yourself.

This would make it a special occasion gift that can go beyond your traditional birthday gifts.

You could even create a personalized bouquet for your spouse, a custom wedding cake, or some of your favourite gifts.

For your wedding planner, it’s important to consider the special occasions you’re going for, so look out to see if there are any special events that you would like to see your guests celebrate.


A gift to remember A wedding will be a special time for your friends, family and neighbours, so make sure that you consider what they will appreciate most in your wedding.

If your wedding guests are looking for a special birthday gift, consider creating a wedding cake that will celebrate the occasion or you could make a custom gift for a loved one, or your own.

It could be a custom designed cake, which you can order online or create on your own, or you can just create something for yourself, such as a handmade bracelet, which can be made from the same fabric and leather as the wedding gift.

You might also want to consider creating your own customised gift basket or a custom dinner or brunch menu.


A customised bouquet This could very well be your favourite gift to give your guests, or perhaps it’s something that you have never even thought of.

You may already have a custom customised wedding gift for your special occasion, or if you don’t, then it’s possible that you could create something special that you haven’t thought of yet.

Here’s a list of some of the things you might want in your bouquet: an engraved wedding ring