Why do you hate India so much?

When you consider the number of people who live in India, it becomes apparent why it has become such a popular destination.

Here are the reasons.


It’s easy to travel, cheap 2.

It is cheap and easy to find accommodation, cheap 3.

It has a vibrant nightlife, cheap 4.

You can get away with a drink at the bars and cafes of a country where alcohol is illegal and the quality of its liquor is high 5.

It doesn’t cost you much and you can travel for days 6.

You have a safe environment to live and work 7.

It offers a host of cultural and religious rituals 8.

It gives you a safe way to explore the country 9.

It can be fun for the whole family 10.

You will always find a local food stall and some local bars are well stocked 11.

You won’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowds of tourists 12.

It provides a good chance to get away from the city for a few days 13.

There are no visa issues in India 14.

It won’t be a major financial hit for you if you get stuck in the country and need to get out 15.

You’ll find an opportunity to get into the Indian business world 16.

It will be easy to learn about and interact with locals 17.

You’re likely to get a good job 18.

It seems to have a thriving nightlife 19.

You are not bound by the laws of your home country 20.

You may even get to see some of the country’s famous sights.