Which office gifts got the most money from the government?

Washington, D.C. — Today marks the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The first-term president is set to take office in January.

Since taking office, the Obama administration has received more than $2.7 trillion in government-issued goods and services.

The latest tally shows the government has received nearly $1.3 trillion in goods and other government-related supplies.

But the total amount of government spending — including taxes, fees, payments for loans and grants and other fees — has grown substantially since Obama took office.

The most expensive item in the Obama household is his $200,000 car, the BMW 6 Series.

Its price tag: $42,000.

The government has also spent more than the amount of money the next richest family in the U.S. would have to spend to buy that car.

That’s $1,300.

That’s more than two-thirds of the federal budget.

In total, Obama has spent more money on government goods and government-sponsored programs than the next highest-earning family.

The next highest spending family?

The Clintons.

The Clintons have spent nearly $500 million on government-subsidized goods and programs.