When is Valentine’s Day and how much does it cost?

The day of the full moon is a great time to celebrate the love of your life with a big and lavish gift.

Here’s everything you need to know about the big day.


Valentine’s is the most popular day of year on the Australian calendar, with almost 80% of people saying they are currently planning a romantic or romantic get-together.

Valentine is also Australia’s biggest holiday, with more than 5 million people visiting its beaches each year.


Valentine Day is usually the day before Easter, but is also celebrated in November.

The first week of December is known as ‘The First Christmas’, with celebrations lasting until February the following year.


There are two different kinds of Valentine’s day: a ‘good day’ and a ‘wonderful day’.

The good day can be celebrated with family and friends, while the wonderful day is the day of romance.


A Valentine’s card is the perfect gift for the lucky recipient.

A card with a picture of the person in the picture will usually make the cut.


There is a small chance of getting caught in the middle of Valentine and Christmas celebrations, with some people choosing to ignore the big holiday in favour of other occasions.


You can spend a day with a loved one on Valentine’s Eve, but if you want to get some inspiration, consider the following tips to make the most of the day.


The best time to visit a Valentine’s party is the last Friday of the month, as the festivities begin on the Friday before Christmas.


If you want something extra special to celebrate, consider visiting a Valentine party in the autumn.

There will be lots of fun activities and activities for the whole family.


The last Saturday of the year is also known as Valentine’s Saturday.

On Valentine’s, there are also big events such as weddings and funerals, with big events starting on Saturday the day after Valentine’s.


Valentine dates are a great way to get out and about.

Valentine days are generally peaceful, with flowers in full bloom.


If the weather is cold and rainy, consider attending a Valentine event in the summer.

The sun is shining and there is plenty of fun to be had.


Valentine Eve is the largest public holiday in Australia.

There can be lots to do for a couple to celebrate.


There’s no need to rush to a party to have a good time with a romantic partner.

If it’s not already a festive day, celebrate with a nice dinner or a night out.


If there are children around, consider having them accompany you to the big night.

Some kids can even help out with the planning.


If going out is a priority for you, try the holiday market in your area.

Find out how much it costs to buy a gift for your loved one, and how to shop for the perfect present.


Valentine will be on the calendar in March 2019.

If Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it can be a good day to visit.

The festive season can be particularly active around Valentine’s weekend, with events ranging from parades and fireworks to music and activities.


If celebrating on Valentine is too much, consider taking a trip to Australia.

It’s a perfect opportunity to explore the country, and there are plenty of great activities around the country.


If a holiday is a no-brainer for you but you’d like to be in the mood for some fun, consider planning a Valentine Day outing.

There may be a whole host of activities around Valentine Day that are not on your calendar, so check out the events that are around your city and state.


If your partner is a Valentine, try making a special Valentine’s dinner for them.

Make sure they’re comfortable with the food, so there’s no awkward or awkward-looking moments.


Valentine doesn’t have to be a big day for you.

You’ll find many activities that take place throughout the year, from Valentine’s street fairs and carnivals to Valentine’s cinema screenings and weddings.