What to do if you don’t have any money to spend on the new Star Wars movie (and other games)

By: Sarah Smith | June 18, 2018 12:17:48In a new video, Star Wars creator George Lucas explains how he plans to get around a financial limit on his video game franchise.

Lucas says that when his film hit theaters in 2012, it had already sold more than 1 billion copies.

“So when you sell a movie like that, you have a finite amount of money, and we’re talking billions of dollars,” Lucas said in the video.

“I think what’s important for you is you’re not thinking about your own financial well-being.

It’s not about money.

It is about you and the people you love and the movies you love.””

If you’re going to spend the money, it’s not going to go to you, it will go to the world.

It goes to the fans.

That’s how it works.”

The video, entitled “Star Wars: A New Hope,” is available on YouTube, but it has since been removed from the website.

Lucis also said that the film’s success will lead to more films like the Star Wars saga, which includes a prequel film set in the same universe as The Force Awakens.

“The Force Awakens was a huge hit, it was a hit for the franchise,” he said.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen.

There’s a lot of sequels, and you don.t know what happens.

We’re going for the Star Trek franchise, which is really exciting, and that’s what we’re building for.”