New York Jets’ QB Geno Smith gives gift cards to his family and teammates

New York Giants quarterback Geno Timmons gave his wife and two young sons a gift card for their grandmother’s wedding.

Timmons was in the New York area when the card was delivered.

She said her husband had never seen the card before.

“My husband, he doesn’t know what a giftcard is,” Timmons said.

“I didn’t realize that.

We just thought it was a nice gift.

He was just like, ‘I’m giving you this card.’

We thought it might be a nice thing to give him.”

Timmons said he’s seen a lot of cards since he retired but never one as big as the one his wife gave him.

Timons said he has no idea why he gave the card to his grandmother.

“I don’t know if she likes the card, I don’t think she likes me,” he said.

“It’s just a gift.

I just like to do good.”