How to redeem Chipotle Gift Card for PS4 and Xbox One games

Posted by Fox Sports on September 10, 2018 09:10:48You can redeem the Chipotle gift cards on your Xbox Live or PS4 game account for the following games:In addition, you can redeem gift cards for PlayStation Plus membership benefits on PS4 or Xbox One.

Chipotle gift Card can be redeemed on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox Live account at participating stores that offer PS4 games as part of their membership.

You can redeem your gift card for up to five games.

The value of the Chipotles gift cards can be viewed at participating participating stores using the “Gift Cards” tab in the PlayStation Store.

You will need to provide the name of the store you want to redeem the gift card to receive the gift.

To redeem a gift card:The Chipotle card will be sent to your e-mail address.

Once you have received your gift, you will be able to log into the Chipatos PlayStation Network.

You may then view the game you purchased.

If you receive the same card back, please log into your account on your console to redeem it.

To view the games that are currently available for your PlayStation┬«4 or PS3, go to the PlayStation Network, select the titles you want, and then click “View Games.”

To view a specific game, click on the title.

You can also redeem a single-use gift card that you have purchased online for an Xbox Live game.

For example, you could redeem the PS4, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Gift Card.

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