How to get a $50 gift card from Amazon and more

Amazon’s gift card program has gotten a lot more sophisticated, and its cardholders can now get an extra $50 in Amazon gift cards each year.

The company announced this week that it will now offer Amazon Gift Cards to those with a minimum $50 Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon said that all of its Prime members who qualify will get a gift card of $100 and an extra credit of $50 for each $50 they spend in the first year, while the $50 limit applies to all others.

The $50 bonus is the same one offered in the past to those who subscribe to the Amazon Prime video streaming service, but it also includes Amazon Prime Air and Amazon Echo.

Amazon announced this year that it would also give free credit to Prime members for purchases made with Amazon products, but only for purchases at

The Amazon gift card offer comes as the company continues to see a resurgence in Prime Day sales, which it says has grown 40 percent since last year.

Amazon says Prime Day is now one of the top shopping days for Prime members, and it is currently ranked #2 on Amazon’s annual ranking of the largest shopping days in the U.S. The move will be especially helpful for people who have not purchased any Amazon products in a while, such as shoppers who live far away or who are away from home.

Amazon also announced that it has created a new credit card offering that is also designed for Prime customers.

It offers a $5 credit for purchases of $75 or more, and $10 credit for $75 and more.

That’s a nice boost to Prime shoppers who already have a credit card or a gift cards in the bank, but Prime customers can also get $10 free on their first purchase on Amazon.

The new card is available to Prime and eligible Prime members only, and only available through Amazon’s Prime Club program.

Prime members also have access to a range of other perks.

The card comes with unlimited access to Amazon’s new Prime video library, and Prime members can purchase gift cards for Prime subscriptions for up to $500.

Those who don’t get Prime can still earn $1 in Amazon Prime credit every day for 12 months.

And Amazon has partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer free Internet access to Prime customers for up the duration of their Prime membership, with the goal of boosting the service’s adoption by the growing number of people who subscribe.

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