Dad-son gift cards to gamers

Dad-s-son gifts for gamers have been given a boost, with the online gaming industry in a frenzy.

In a tweet from @krishna_c, the father of a gamer in Hyderabad has shared the latest information on the latest birthday gift cards issued by the gaming industry.

The Dad-Son gift cards have been sent out to the gamers through the social networking platform Twitter.

They will be available for them to purchase through Amazon and other online retailers.

A special feature of the gift cards is that it includes a birthday gift of Rs 10,000 and can be redeemed at the participating retailer for the price of Rs 50,000, said Vishnu Sharma, the Chief Executive Officer of The Hindu.

In December, the industry had announced that a special Dad-Sons-son birthday gift card will be issued at the start of next year.

A gift card with Rs 10 lakh in value will be made available to the gamer in the next couple of days.