Which Bachelors Are You Gonna Give Your Girlfriend?, 30 Days to Baby Groom, 30 Days

Thirty-one years ago, a friend told me that she had decided to give her boyfriend a gift for his birthday.

She was in the process of giving birth to her second child, and the conversation went something like this:I’m not going to lie, it was a lot of fun.

I’m not sure how I knew what to say to my husband at the time.

It was like he had already decided that he would give me this gift and then he decided to keep me in the dark.

I remember asking my husband what he thought about it.

He told me to take it easy and that I should just take care of myself.

I was so surprised that he took it as an invitation to talk to me.

He was not looking forward to being asked any questions.

But the truth is, it took me some time to get over that.

I just wanted to know what my friend had planned.

I remember telling my friend that I was thinking of giving him a birthday gift.

And then he said, “What are you going to give your girlfriend?”

I said, I don’t know.

I said, what do you mean, what would you like?

He said, Well, I know what I want for my birthday, because he gave me this one gift and I was curious about what to give my girlfriend.

I started asking questions, and he was like, I dunno.

I said to him, “I just want to know, how much are you willing to give?”

And he said he would like $5,000, $7,000.

I asked him how he calculated that.

And he said $5 million.

I thought that was so generous, and then I asked my husband how he came up with that.

He said, well, my wife and I had already made our decision and she had already bought her own clothes, so she didn’t need to pay me any more money.

I told him that was true.

And I said that I wanted to thank him for the gift.

I don.t know what he said.

I am grateful that I got to share this moment with my husband.