When will I get my next gift?

I recently got my first gift: a gift basket filled with cute plush dolls.

I’ve since gotten a couple of more, but the one I’m most excited about right now is a gift tree with a collection of cute, brightly colored gift baskets, including an “I Love You, Santa” basket, which I’ve been meaning to get my hands on since the holidays.

I have a bunch of friends who have gifted me a lot of stuff over the years, so I was pretty excited to see what else I might be able to get. 

It’s a big part of why I get so excited to open a gift box, even if I’m just browsing for things.

Here are a few of the items that I’ve opened: a set of handmade t-shirts that have the word “Santa” in them, which is a nice touch for someone who doesn’t like Christmas to be Santa. 

An art print of Santa and a plush doll. 

I got a “Santa Gift” poster, which was a little bit overwhelming to open and assemble.

I didn’t realize the posters can be printed and folded into a gift and that they’re great for framing and hanging on the wall.

A t-shirt with Santa’s face.

More gifts: a cute plush doll with Santa and other Santa-themed items.

And I got a Christmas-themed book, a book that has Santa’s handwriting on it, and a Christmas sweater, which comes with a Santa sweater. 

What do you think about my gift basket?

I hope this post was helpful for you!

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